Invoy Technologies

Invoy Technologies is a medical device company headquartered in Irvine, California. Founded by Dr. Lubna Ahmad, Invoy has developed and patented breath analysis technology that can be used to monitor and manage metabolic-related conditions and disorders. For more information, please visit

Turnip Digital

Turnip Digital is an e-Learning company based in Tallahassee, Florida. Founded by Jon Crumpacker and Mary Anne Havriluk, Turnip has developed "Course Launch" software that provides mobile, online training in a variety of sectors, both public and private. For more information visit

AmpliPharm Pharmaceuticals

AmpliPharm is an Atlanta-based pharmaceutical company that develops new delivery forms of existing, FDA-approved drugs. AmpliPharm uses the 505 (b)(2) regulatory pathway, a new drug application (NDA) which is one of three FDA drug approval pathways and represents an appealing regulatory strategy for many clients. AmpliPharm's focus is in the area of oncology.


memberTEK is a software company located in Jacksonville, Florida that has developed a highly mobile sales automation platform that incorporates sophisticated messaging, event scheduling, and contact management systems. Originally designed for multi-level marketing companies, memberTEK's software is applicable to a variety of sales operations and verticals.

Soft Health Technologies

Soft Health Technologies LLC, located in Irvine, California, has developed an FDA-approved medical device designed to help with female stress urinary incontinence. The product is named Finess and is currently available for purchase online. For more information visit

The Woodlands Company

Founded by Ben Powell, The Woodlands Company specializes in professional forestry management services that include acquisition and investment analysis, timber planning, appraisal, and sales, prescribed burning, GIS/GPS mapping, and reforestation. The Woodlands Company is a land management solution based in North Florida.

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